Thursday, 10 April 2014

Don't Fight With Me!!!

You made me think twice!!! 
Before the shadows of truth came,
Before the thunder of happiness came,
You always fought with Me!!

Even if there was no reason to fight,
You seemed to love fighting with me,
You seemed to laugh at me,
My inner self never tolerated that,
And I reacted back!!! !! 

Your seemed to be Happy, 
But it was really sad and unhappy with me!!
It made me think I lost something,
It made me cry ....!!!

Still you fought with me...
And I know you will countinue,
Until you know how much it hurts me,
But, i questioned my inner self "Why"
"why should you stop fighting with me?"

Without which i am incomplete,
Your fighting with me, makes me realize,
You Have me and I have You!!
In Storm and Sadness ...
Please Fight with ME!!!

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