Friday, 15 February 2013


Sometimes you feel weak
Weakness you yourself don’t know
Your mind and body says ‘NO’
That’s because you feel you ‘can not’.

Thinking much makes you withdraw
From the bevoke of life
Can be said that you are afraid
Can be hard for you, but it’s true.

Getting out is not easy
Getting in is easier.. But don’t be afraid
Focus is everything
Never look back until you have achieved your Goal..

Think Before you Quit
Don’t worry, that is basic human nature
Sometimes you Feel Weak
Just Focus and Focus in your Life.

Friday, 1 February 2013


My Dad never told me about the word Fear,
Neither was I knowing the meaning of Fear,
Still I was thinking ....was it my brother
Or, the reason for my failure.

I thought for days, and I still
Remember the day my mother told me” you should have fear”
I wondered why!!!!!
I wondered and wondered!!!

May be because ‘Fear’, sometimes made me Good..
I wondered how it could do that...
I have heard of stories of warriors who don’t have Fear...
But my Mother tells me to have Fear....
Why ...why ....why...

I can’t find an answer!!!
Is Fear my Brother or the Destroyer of my Creativity!!!