Friday, 5 September 2014


You taught us letters and words
You taught us to communicate,
You gave us Strength to fight adharma ,
Taught us the real meaning of wisdom !!!

You taught us to Create,
You taught us to Innovate,
You taught us to use the compass,
You taught us to use the scale of truth !!!

Your presence made me Happy, But!!
I couldn't tell you how much i loved you,
Neither did i thank you,
Still you didn't complaint,
You felt proud on our victories !!!
But never made us feel over-confident,
Because you knew we had miles and miles to go,
Before we Sleep...!!!

May you live long and Teach generations to come,
So that they could take responsibilities and Solve problems,
So that they could stand and say " Proud to be a Student GURU JI" !!!!


Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Emotions of a Teacher !!!!

When you get out in academics,
Emotions of a Teacher come OUT!!!,
When You get out in Assignments,
Emotions of a Teacher come OUT!!!,

When they hurt you by their words,
Emotions of a Teacher come OUT!!!,
When they hurt you by their Humour,
Emotions of a Teacher come OUT!!!,

But, When you get OUT in Life,
Emotions of a Teacher comes Back!!!,
Because they simply love you!!!....

Monday, 7 July 2014

Thinking Makes You Sick Sometime

My Teacher has told me to Think,
Think in a positive way and find the answers,
Think the right way which is accurate,
Think the right thing at the right time.

But, I couldn't because It made Me Sick,
Thinking was easy but not crazy,
Thinking was cute but not Mad,
Then what is the use of thinking if its not crazy and mad.

Thoughts may come in between but ,
The actual thinking starts when you face HIM,
'HIM' the problem...

Friday, 30 May 2014

Trust "ME" PleaZ!!!!!!

You saw me as a stranger,
A stranger of a lower degree,
But, your eyes looked for me!
Why ??

There was this soft eye,
filled with the layer of deception,
But, your eyes looked for me!

I didn't find Trust in your eyes,
I didn't felt like a stranger!!
But, your eyes still looked for me!

There was a Question,
Question you asked your self,
Why?,Still your eyes looked for me!!!


Thursday, 10 April 2014

Don't Fight With Me!!!

You made me think twice!!! 
Before the shadows of truth came,
Before the thunder of happiness came,
You always fought with Me!!

Even if there was no reason to fight,
You seemed to love fighting with me,
You seemed to laugh at me,
My inner self never tolerated that,
And I reacted back!!! !! 

Your seemed to be Happy, 
But it was really sad and unhappy with me!!
It made me think I lost something,
It made me cry ....!!!

Still you fought with me...
And I know you will countinue,
Until you know how much it hurts me,
But, i questioned my inner self "Why"
"why should you stop fighting with me?"

Without which i am incomplete,
Your fighting with me, makes me realize,
You Have me and I have You!!
In Storm and Sadness ...
Please Fight with ME!!!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Understand Me!!!

Is It Difficult for you to understand me,
Am i not worthy enough to understand,
Or is it that you don't what me to Understand,
'Me'!!! Is all you always wanted to understand.

What Happened??? i can't remember,
That changed you so much,
That made you difficult to understand me,
Is it all you understood about me.

It was never I, Me!! It was always YOU!!,
Still why can't you Understand me??
Still why you don't  Understand me??
Still YOU can!!

Understand ME!! Understand ME!! 
Understand ME!! Understand ME!!