Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Crushing of History at Schools: - Should we react or Let it be as it IS?

This is an article not to hurt anyone’s feelings, but this is the actual thing happening in Indian Schools. Look at the above Picture taken by me from the book of a Student who studies History from me. As a tutor I had the responsibility to cover everything in this book. I started teaching him as usual, but I was shocked to see the cross marks in the books at certain paragraphs which were connected with a Religion. This is a Text Book Published by State Council for Educational Research and Training (SCERT), Government of Kerala. This is a 10th Standard text book for History and the Government itself has included these portions in the Text. But when I inquired about this from my Student I came to know the shocking news that his teacher was the one who told to cut those portions out. I could not understand why? The portion did not say anything wrong about anything and was factual, but still it was asked to be cut out by the teacher who teaches History at School. This is not how History is taken, No matter what and how the History was; every student has the right to know the actual history of the country and the world. No matter who it is connected with the religion, it’s still a History which cannot be changed or made as you like it. The government has every right to look into the matter, before students get educated with wrong and incomplete history. The so called makers of the society (TEACHERs) must be more conscious while taking chapters in History and other subjects as well.
                                                                                                 Making History as you like it may create problems in knowing the history of religion and world properly. So, it’s very important that the History should be taught as it is and the way it is without making any changes to it even if it goes against your religion and is a factual thing in the History. I am every sadly writing this as it has happened in one the Aided Schools, a school well reputed and managed. Please, Teachers! Don’t Crush the History or Delete it whenever you think it touches your religion.

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