Sunday, 16 September 2012

Is Thinking a Hard Material!!!!

People usually fall under depression and it becomes hard for them to think a way out of Depression. Yes! it's  true, this often happens so. Human Depression is a unique gift which unable him to think in both positive and  negative ways to just come out of your Depression. This often feels like a Hard Material which just make you think in a weird way, you have never thought before. Here are some of the solutions for you, to just come out of Sadness and Depression:-

* Drink one or two glasses of water, whenever you are in Depression and Sadness takes over you. This is just to make your blood pressure to come down under such situations.

* Open your mind before a Person, Share your feelings with the particular person who is close to you( your wife, husband, mother, father ect). This makes your sadness to get reduced and you may also find solutions to just come out of a particular situation. BE ACTIVE!

* Do something which gives you Happiness and Distract your Mind. Tricking your own MIND is difficult, but this makes you control your emotions.

* Get yourself Occupied with some sort of work.

* See and imagine the face and good old memories of yours and thoughts that makes you Happy!

* DREAM,DREAM,DREAM of getting to your goal by you in a very creative and interesting manner...

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