Friday, 14 October 2011

It's Hard To Forgive....

I have Heard somewhere that it's hard to forgive and to forgive we need to have courage.I think it's very true. Breaking up actually gives us a cycle of pain and time taken for it will be greater than we think.We people think a lot before forgiving someone,but it's quite ........NATURAL.The thing is we may be proved wrong if we lost someone due to our not forgiving them than at that time we won't be able to forgive ourself ......HOW TRUE IS IT ?
                                                                                 In such a situation we may feel to kill ourself for this action.SO IT'S EVERY IMPORTANT TO KNOW WHEN AND HOW TO FORGIVE,AS SAID BEFORE WE NEED TO HAVE COURAGE AND PATIENTS.FORGIVING IS SAID TO BE A GIFT OF OUR OWN MENTAL AND PHYSICAL HEALTH!
                                                                                 The best way of controlling our emotion is by sharing our emotions with someone close to us,someone who understands us,someone who cares about us,someone who is funny,someone who leads us to a right path,someone with the capacity to heal can be your best friend,your parents,your cousins..Let it be anyone,just open your heart before them.AND you will get a way to go about 'FORGIVING'.
                                                                                You must ADJUST ,that's the way to block the term 'forgive'.We have heard new couples saying it's every difficult to Adjust with him or her,AND after sometime they break up.This was because they could not forgive each other and could not adjust with each other.Afterwards so much crying........Thinking about the time when there was a chance to adjust and forgive and just blaming yourself saying..."I..COULD NOT FORGIVE".
                                                                                 The person who forgives first is GREAT.We may think it easy to forgive,but we have to go through such a situation to know how much courage is actually needed to forgive.
                                                                              I have seen my FRIENDS blaming the teacher and saying "I WON'T FORGIVE".But i say that it's a waste to become angry on your teacher because they too have feeling and heart and they won't be angry because they don't like us rather it's because they LOVE us.MY FRIENDS actually hated the subject and not the teacher....IT was the truth..that they did not understand short they didn't like the SUBJECT.

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