Sunday, 28 August 2016

When I Saw Her...

The thing is I don’t remember the first time I saw her. But I am sure that it could have been in school, the place I never want to forget. I didn’t knew her name till the first half of the year during the school time, and I know I desperately cannot forget the name. She didn’t use to talk much like the girls I knew, I think that made her different. And I always wondered if she had just one friend. She use to stick like a glue with just this friend of hers and did not talk much to others. Plus Two which is the last of your school life happened too soon. Still I was busy behind someone else that I forgot to notice her. And the person I liked never liked me. My energy, my happiness, my time was spend on something I had no response from (Please readers.. don’t think because I am using “My, I, etc”, I am an egoist person, No I am not). It is just the condition I had to pass through and that was rough. And I realized that I was not in a relationship because the boat just shipped to a single place and never returned back.

The new story began when I went for my Graduation Program. You know, every time you thing about this part of your life you just have Goosebumps. The Memories, sweet enough to take away your stress and to make you feel good. I didn’t like to go for marriage ceremonies but there was a marriage ceremony in which I was bond to go as it was personally called on by a senior of mine in college and my senior wanted me to come. I just had a half heart to go but my best friend who was going to the marriage convinced me to come with him. We went together, and reached the temple 10 mins before the marriage ceremony began. The day was nice and the temple had a huge presence of positive energy in it and I was surrounded by everyone I knew. There were teachers present, friends from college, seniors I knew. I was standing apart watching the ceremony and a few second made me realize she was the girl. My eyes could not stop watching her. She was in blue davini..”Pinne, Chootum nadakunathe enikye ariyanam ena thonilla, Avale matharam..” . Was it the effect of the blue davini and the positive surround, I don’t know, But my heart skipped several beats. Blood Pressure was going high, and I knew something was terribly wrong with me... and that something was LOVE!!! . The marriage was over and I had to leave with some kind of sadness, I don’t know what, it was like I was missing something. Reaching home I was disturbed, I couldn’t concentrate on anything I did, and there were just flashes of images that came in of her and just her. I was frequently criticizing myself of how could I never come to have notice her even when I was with her in the same school and now in the same college. I was literally talking to myself.

From next day onwards I started roaming around her class just to see her once. Most of the times I failed to see her, but majority of times I did and with the help of your buddies things become smooth. They come with you, get caught for you and are there 24X7 for you. She used to go to drink water during the intervals and as my class was on the second floor I was able to see her go with her friend towards the cooler on the ground floor. My reflexes very unbelievable to myself as the very next thing I did was to run down and to stand in a corner to watch her without her even knowing. Whenever I had chance to talk to her I used to talk to her friend more than her because she still talked less. This gave a few minutes to see her. During Onam festival, I remember her wishing me Happy Onam and I did too. Time passed away, during the last semester I made few friends in her class, they supported me well, but told me not to tell her my feelings for her as they were sure she would reject that. I considered their recommendations and decided not to tell her. But I was not ready to quit and they supported me well. The last day of the college arrived and everything went as usual but I think that was the turning point and God just shows you the reason to hold on. Me and my friends played on the college ground a last football match and returned to the varanda of the college, she and her friend came close to me. Her friend wrote on my left hand just best wishes. After writing her friend walked away leaving me and her alone, my heart again skipped several beats and to my anxiety she asked for my hand.  But I intentionally gave her my right hand as nothing was written on it and she just wrote “Miss u.” Now, It was my chance to write, and I took her hand and I wrote “I will miss u, Just Wait!!”. My eyes filled with tears of happiness, I literally cried only when she was out of my site as I didn’t want her to see me cry. I was sure she would think why I wrote like that on her hand.

My Graduation Program was completed. I was happy that I completed my graduation. But after a few days something happened and I was sad, because I regretted for not telling her my feelings. I could not eat properly, did not have a shave, and my appearance was almost like that of a mad person. I was not able to bear this pain anymore. I had no other choice but to let her know my feelings for her but there was no other way to meet her anymore. I went to her best friends’ house and I told her everything. And with the help of her best friend I told her my feelings for her, at first she said it is not going to be right. And that had a sound of rejection. I was in the stage of depression again. After a few week a got a call from her friend and told me she also had the feelings for me as well. There was no boundary for my happiness. And yes, if you really want something, the whole world conspires you to achieve it.


  1. So thats the story behind your success story.
    As u said... If we really want something and we are having the thought all the time.. Surely we ll get the same.

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